just found this gem on my dashboard with 20k notes

"lions nut in under 10 seconds so next time a bitch complain about 15 minutes im deadass havin her ass watch the discovery channel"

if you can finish her off in 15 mins she wouldn’t be complaining about ur inadequate dick problems aaaaand wtf YOU AINT NO KING OF THE JUNGLE SIT THE FUCK DOWN you self entitled zebra


This doesn’t even look like something I drew but I don’t even care because I got it done in less than two hours 

I adore this sensation.
~   Erykah Badu (regarding her controversial “Window Seat” music video)

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why do girls not finish during sex? it’s not a fucking race considering usually a guy will finish before but wtf it ain’t over you can get in here and finish what you started wtf leave me unsatisfied and you’ll never see me again you selfish fuck. too tired of that even being a question anymore like wtf is the point nobody’s dick is bomb enough to start and not finish and get a call back..ladies lets make it known that our needs cum first too and never let some bitch think he’s the shit after you LET him fuck you